Your child(ren)'s safety is important to us at TPA. Each time your child(ren) Visits TPA, they will need to be checked-in to our attendance database. This process allows us to know what children are attending each event and which class they are in, as well as who will be collecting the child at the end of the service and who to contact in the case of an emergency.

The first time your child visits, this process will be more involved so you may want to arrive a few minutes early to ensure that your child is checked in, and you don't miss anything. On subsequent visits, only a name is required to retrieve the information and the process is much faster.

After checking-in you will receive two label stickers, one is a name-tag for your Child. These tags help the staff know who they are, as well as any allergies or special information they may need to know to help your child have an amazing experience.

The other tag is a pair of barcodes you need to keep with you, the randomly generated number on this tag correspond to the number on your child's tag, these numbers change each week and are used to ensure secure pick-up of your child after our service. There are duplicate barcodes on the tag so that you can split up collection duties between parents/guardians/grandparents etc.

Our volunteers are instructed never to release a child until an adult with the matching tag arrives to collect them. If you have more than one child attending, there is only one parent's tag, and all of the children will have the matching number. Should your child need you during the service, this number will appear on the screen notifying you of the need to slip out and check on your child.

We want every member of the family to feel safe and at ease when attending TPA, this is just one of the ways we assure the safety of our children.